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Aprille Pappas is the author of OATMEAL UNHINGED. As it was her favorite room in their home she spent hours in the kitchen during her childhood when she watched her parents prepare amazing foods. She has been inspired since then to create delicious foods, a passion that continues to the present. 

Aprille’s background includes television broadcasting, legal and medical marketing and medical computer imaging.  Her broadcasting did not come as a surprise to her parents since she began interviewing people as soon as she could talk.   She went on from being in front of the camera to write a drama-comedy series for television and most recently has authored a simple cookbook about one of her favorite foods.

Aprille was born in Michigan and lived there until  after college when she pursued a career in television broadcasting as a prime time weather announcer in Traverse City, as a daytime show host and sports and commercial announcer in Green Bay, and as a news anchor and news reporter in Tallahassee.  Her communication skills paved the way to a marketing and sales career in the medical/legal industry and health insurance field in Philadelphia.

After going off the air, Aprille was ready to take the next step when she started a computer imaging business that provided global cosmetic companies with ‘in-store’ promotions and programs. As technology advanced, her business moved into cosmetic surgery imaging, a service performed for surgeons and patients showing how the patient image could change with plastic surgery. This expanded into an on-line imaging and consulting company. Aprille's imaging business led yet to another business, plastic surgery marketing for cosmetic surgeons nationwide. Years later she was compelled to write her fist major project, a television drama-comedy set in a veterinary center after which she prepped two books including a young adult novel and a non-fiction book. 

Aprille’s love of writing was, until then, merely a hobby. Not until her press releases generated impressive publicity for her business and clients did she realize the value of her writing skills. Aprille’s zest for life is characterized by her love for people (and dogs) from interviewing them to preparing foods for them. Her success in business and consulting is largely attributed to her strong relationship skills and her ability to bring out the best in people. One of her greatest joys aside from spoiling her grandchildren, caring for her family and good pal golden retriever Lauren is watching the facial expressions on people as they enjoy her baked treats and culinary creations!

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TV writer and cookbook author.

Aprille has written a television drama comedy and a cookbook.